Career counselling

Career guidance and counselling is a dynamic process where people explore, pursue and attain their career goals.  Choosing your career is more than just deciding what type of job you want to do. Making career-decisions are not once-off decisions but rather an on-going process where your interests, values, abilities, personality style and life roles are evaluated in order to choose a suitable career path for you.Career Development

I offer the following services:

  • Traditional career counselling and assessments for Grades 10, 11 and 12 learners and students*
  • Traditional subject choice assessments for Grade 9 learners*
  • Narrative career counselling/coaching for students and adults
  • Career workshops for schools, organizations and conferences

*These services include an intake interview, psychometric assessments, feedback and a report.

Through career counselling, I empower my clients to:

  1. Explore themselves and gain a better understanding of their interests, abilities, personality and values;
  2. Gain access to the different resources that provide more information on different career paths;
  3. To make use of effective decision-making skills to choose the appropriate career paths  and;
  4. Take an active role as manager of their own career path.

What to expect from your career counselling/subject choice assessment appointment:

  • Pre-intake information
    Each client receives a pre-intake information document that needs to be completed ahead of the intake interview.  This provides crucial information that will be used during the assessment process.
  • Intake interview (1 hour)
    I start the assessment process with an intake interview with the client and parents.  During this interview I aim to get to know the client better, understand his/her needs and also explain the career counselling / subject choice assessment process.
  •  Psychometric assessment (3-4 hours)
    The psychometric assessments take place directly after the intake interview. The assessment include an aptitude assessment, personality questionnaire and interest questionnaire. The combination of these results provide guidelines for possible career fields.
  • Feedback discussion (2 hours)
    During the feedback discussion, I discuss the results and possible career options in detail with the client and parents. Clients are also provided with a complete report containing all the information discussed.   The feedback session is usually scheduled for 5 to 10 working days after the assessment.