I am a Counselling Psychologist based in Randpark Ridge, Roodepoort/Randburg, Johannesburg. I focus on creating a safe and inviting environment where my clients can resolve past problems, deal more successfully with current life challenges and strive towards a more fulfilled and happier future. It is important for me to assist my clients
to reach their full potential in their personal and professional lives.

I know that the decision to embark on a therapeutic journey can sometimes be daunting. You may have been trying to avoid confronting certain painful aspects of your past, to steer clear of an overwhelming issue in the present, or dealing with an uncertain future. It is also very possible that you have been trying to resolve the issue that you are struggling with, but with very limited success or results. It is not easy to invite someone else in to witness your pain or struggles, especially a stranger.

The beauty of the therapy space is that you will get an objective, non-judgmental viewpoint. This allows you to gain a new perspective on life events, decisions and struggles.

In addition, you will be able to resolve past issues, gain new coping skills and find new hope for your future. Therapy and counselling is an investment in your mental well being.